The Valdez Fisheries Development Association is backed by a long standing tradition of excellence. Started in 1978 by local fisherman to enhance our regional salmon runs through a small salmon hatchery, VFDA has quickly grown into one of the largest producers of Wild Alaskan Pink salmon in the State of Alaska.

Seeking to add further value to our local salmon resources, VFDA began processing and marketing kosher certified wild Alaskan salmon caviar in 2000 and quality wild Alaskan smoked Pink and Coho salmon products in 2006.

With the establishment of Solomon Falls Seafood’s label, the natural progression of bringing an all natural, sustainable, quality, Wild Alaskan seafood products from the harvester/producer directly to you the consumer has been accomplished. As with all Wild Alaskan salmon, our products are high in Omega-3 oils.

Solomon Falls Seafood’s products are processed in our state of the art processing facility right at the source of our fish. This allows us to create a seafood specialty for you under complete control of product quality at each step along the harvesting, processing and packaging path.

Each product is made under strict HACCP processing guidelines to ensure only a premium product reaches you. Enjoy Solomon Falls Seafood’s knowing that you have purchased some of the very best Alaska has to offer.

Solomon Falls Seafood’s is a Registered ® label exclusively owned by the Valdez Fisheries Development Association, Inc