Wild Alaskan Smoked Pink Salmon Sides – Out of Stock

The Judges have ruled and we are the 2009 Alaska Symphony of Seafood’s Smoked Product 1st place winner. Solomon Falls Wild Alaskan Smoked Pink Salmon Sides are mild and delicious. This product is perfect for cooking with or simply enjoying with cheese and crackers. Each fillet is hand trimmed, boned and brined. Smoked with Alder hardwood to a glorious and delicious finish. They’re all natural with no additives or colors and are a great source of Omega 3. Available in vacuum sealed fillets … Read More »

Pink Salmon Caviar – Out of Stock

Sweet and Briny, Solomon Falls Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Caviar is a favorite of salmon caviar connoisseurs. Processed and frozen within hours, our freshness is unbeatable. Our caviar is light on salt to let the true flavor come through, and it’s a great source of Omega 3! Available in two 200g film sealed pails that are just right for parties large or small. Pink Salmon Caviar, Standard, 14oz.   … Read More »