Wild Alaskan Hot Smoked Teriyaki Keta

Overstock Sale! Sweet, smoky and stripped thin to allow each piece to soak up that Teriyaki goodness. Teriyaki is a favorite of the old and young. Be sure to order a pound for the kids! A healthy and nutritious snack they will be happy to receive and you will be happy to give. Available in vacuum sealed 4 oz portions . Order by the piece. Call (907) 835-4874 to place your order today! … Read More »

5LB Smoked Salmon Sampler

Enjoy an assorted mix of our smoked Coho salmon flavors; Teriyaki, Black Pepper, and Original. A great assortment for someone who wants to try them all! 5lbs of Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon in assorted flavors: $109.07 ea. - Save 5% … Read More »

Wild Alaskan Salmon Caviar Sampler

Made up of 1 sleeve each of each type of Caviar, this package allows you to experience our Sweet and Briny Pink Salmon Caviar as well as the Robust Silver Salmon Caviar. This lightly salted treat is a great source of Omega 3. A wonderful addition to your holiday party! Available in two 200g film sealed pails per sleeve and it is just right for parties large or small. 1 Each: Pink & Coho Salmon Caviar: $78.85 ea. - Save 5%   … Read More »

The 10LB Wild Smoked Salmon Variety Pack

A little larger package of our three delicious smoked Coho salmon flavors: Teriyaki, Black Pepper, and Original. Makes a great gift at any family gathering! 10lbs of Wild Smoked Salmon in assorted flavors: $211.15 ea. - Save 10%   … Read More »