Are your products shelf-stable?
No – all of our smoked salmon and caviar products are frozen immediately after processing. Therefore once received, they should be held frozen until ready to consume and then defrosted below 38° F.

How long will my products last in the refrigerator?
Smoked salmon and our salmon caviar will last several weeks with proper refrigeration. The products should be placed in the coldest area of your refrigerator and kept covered to prevent drying out.

Are the fish used for Solomon Falls products sustainable?
Yes – All of our products come from sustainable wild stocks of fish managed by the State of Alaska. Because we control the source of the fish from harvest through processing, you can be ensured the product you are enjoying is sustainable.

What does All-Natural mean?
Solomon Falls smoked salmon and caviar is processed using only natural ingredients such as pure sea salt, brown sugar, and all natural spices. Our products contain no nitrates or other additives, colorings or flavor enhancers. That leaves you with a healthy ready to eat salmon product high in Omega 3 oils and natural goodness.

Where can I find your products?
At this time our products are available on this web sight and at fine retailers in Valdez and around Alaska.

What are HACCP guidelines?
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This is a process used in food manufacturing to identify known hazards to food safety and control or eliminate them. All Solomon Falls products have their own HACCP plan for their manufacturing.

Are the salmon used in your products farmed or wild?
All of the salmon used in our products are wild Alaskan salmon from the clear, cold waters of Prince William Sound.

Where can you ship my Seafood?
At this time, Solomon Falls Seafood’s can be shipped only to the continental United States. For shipping to Hawaii, please contact us at sales@solomonfalls.com.

How do you calculate shipping costs on your website?
When you place your order at www.solomonfalls.com, our website uses your State and Zip code to dynamically ask FedEx for the shipping costs to your location, based on the weight of your order. Other websites charge a blanket rate, which we find to be higher than the actual shipping costs. One of our primary concerns in delivering a superior product is ensuring maximum value to our customers.